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Step by step Macedonia has been made a fertile breeding ground for rebirth of fascism. Public criticizing of the regime is banned. Parapolice formations have been revealed. Xenophobia, racism and intolerance toward marginalized groups have been induced. Cult of genetically clean ethnic origin has been developed. Women are pronounced to be birth machines. Conspiracy theories are swallowed. The damned Greeks, Europe – the prostitute, the inequitable West, the “communism descendants”, the Vlach lobby are the whipping-boys and nowadays Mr. Fuere, too. The government propaganda became an instrument for control of the masses of people. Expressing individuality and critical thought have become anathema. Seed of discord, new separations and conflicts is being sowed. The country is seized by fear.

Macedonia suffers from the hysterical Ruler who has lost his senses, who proclaimed himself “the last hope of Macedonia”. Macedonia suffers from “the family” and from the VMRO camarilla who feed up the Ruler’s megalomania and the people’s frustration for the purpose of being able to plunder. Plundering and transferring abroad. But Macedonia suffers the most from those who are silent, who say nothing, and who are nonentities in the silent film called “Rebirth”. Pretending to be “citizens”, they only doze in cafés, not letting a ward escape. They watch how the “Rebirth” converts into “destruction”. Fascists are around us, but where are the antifascists?

Businessmen are tongue-tied. They don’t let a word escape about the new nationalizations. They are silent about the deal with the Chinese double deckers. They are silent about the misappropriation in “Swedmilk”. They are silent about the helicopters. They are silent about the electricity. They are silent about the tender procedures. They are silent and hope in vain that the racketeer trio will not knock at their doors. But they knock at doors every day. They racket, penalize and confiscate.

Intellectuals are silent. Silent are professors, physicians, writers, journalists, architects, artists, commanding officers and bishops. They are tongue-tied and hope to be awarded contracts. They excuse themselves by saying that they have their carriers and their families.
Cooperators, collaborators, quislings. Instead of shouting – they mutter. They mutter when they criticize them but roar their approval for the government of the followers of Gruevski.

When a group of Greek bullies tried to prevent the promotion of the Greek-Macedonian dictionary, they were unanimously and publicly labeled as fascists, neo-Nazis and vandals. The politicians, the intellectuals and the journalists competed in their requests the bullies to be identified and punished. Our “last hope” ascertained that this was an issue of the Greek democracy.
When a group of Macedonian bullies prevented the panel discussion of the “Gemidzii” in the town of Struga, there was no a unanimous condemnation in respect that they were fascists, neo-Nazis and vandals. Nobody asked publicly where was the police at that moment to prevent the violence.
And when the unbridled crowd that run wild “spontaneously” broke up the peace protest on the Skopje square, the judgments that this was an issue of a fascist act, were criticized as being politically incorrect, inappropriate and exaggerated.

The terms “sorosoids”, “traitors”, “hirelings”, “homosexuals”, are to the taste of the spectators, but “fascists” – it is impermissible! This term makes brawlers slid into a depression, and makes the coffee of those being silent taste bitter.

Obviously, the double standards became legitimate ones with us. What we identify to be fascism in Greece, we celebrate as patriotism here. Macedonia has become a violent country. The government institutions are on the side of the lawless persons. The Ombudsman has eyes, but is unable to see, and the Assembly wrote the conclusions of its own human rights commission off. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has gone even further. If it had not been a frightening tragedy, we would have a good laugh about the report against the organizers of the protest who were allegedly the offenders because by their vulgar conduct, “quarrelling, shouting and being vulgar”, have disturbed the public order and peace. In the end it would appear that the bullies were beating the protesters in the name of the public order!

Anyone who publicly stood up for compromise in the name dispute, including also us “the Gemidzii”, was declared to be a traitor and hireling by the Gruevski adherents. But, what a wonder, almost no time has passed and the President of the State, a Gruevski adherent, interceded for a “reasonable compromise”, but the megaphones of the regime have not declared him to be a traitor. They gently accepted the late wisdom of Mr. Ivanov. They re-formed themselves again according to the directive signed by the secretary general of VMRO-DPMNE in respect that they should prepare the people for the unavoidable. After lying to the people for months, cherishing the innocence of the Ruler!

How much the Rebirth, “expanded and added onto” would cost us?  Will there be a hero to estimate the damage caused from financial and political aspect, the financial, political and moral bankruptcy of Macedonia? Who will define the responsibility of the participants and co-participants in the plunder camouflaged as patriotism? The first, “rebirth” distorter of the truth and later vice prime minister for European issues has resigned and disappeared. He shrank away from responsibility for the recent lies and for the debacle and bankruptcy we must encounter this autumn. How long the roll of fugitives from the “rebirth” ship will be?

Will anyone stay to orchestrate the choral singing about the wisdom of the Ruler who has no equal, except Good and Alexander, when our Titanic will sink and we with her?

Skopje, 8 July 2009